Recent Project – Pensive Holly

My approach to a portrait is fairly static in terms of execution.  But what I hope to accomplish or emphasize changes with every project.  With this project, I wanted to bring out the drama of sharp contrast between light and dark, to an even greater extent than is reflected by the reference picture.  At the same time, I wanted to accurately capture the image of the subject, the intensity of her expression and the general qualities I know to be possessed by the subject.  Depth, solemnity, honesty, substance, intelligence, toughness,

determination, beauty.  I could be a bit biased in this assessment – the subject is my daughter Holly – probably my favorite person in the world.  I really like her.


About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego. He attended UCLA as an undergraduate, studying fine arts, with a particular emphasis on life drawing. Kevin later earned a law degree and practiced law in San Diego, but continued drawing and painting. Kevin’s portfolio includes a broad range of subjects from both the public and private sectors, including corporate leaders, political figures, athletes, entertainers, organization founders, friends and family.
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