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Our Portrait by Kevin is here

By Natalie · Jan 14 2011 · Comments (9)

Hey all, I need to update you! My portrait is finally done. What do you think?

Lest you think less of Kevin,  it was finished in the first week of December. But then the holidays took over. Every time I look at it, I am happy.

The detail is wonderful. From my pearl necklace to the statue in the background and the detail on the building, we are spot-on. I recognized husband immediately, but I think it took me a little while to get acquainted with my painted self. I look different, but the more I look at it, the more I am a fan.

I want to continue having original paintings in my home. The personal art is invaluable, and Kevin makes it affordable to have original art, something I would never be able to do otherwise.

So, my emotions from when it was first delivered to now have changed drastically. Husband experienced the same thing. When I first saw it, I held it up close to inspect it and my response was “is my nose that big?” but then I hung it up on the wall. Portraits aren’t meant to be viewed from three inches away – more like three feet.

Now, every time I see it, my heart gets all warm and fuzzy and I think, “oh, that was such and amazing trip, let’s go back to Paris.” And I fall more in love with the sweet husby. So overall success? Of course!

What do you think? Have you ever considered getting art custom made?

More on the portrait process;

Portrait update

Finally decorating bare walls

Disclosure: Full disclosure, Kevin’s PR team is a friend and approached me about a portrait and I said that this was something I was looking into (hello, bare walls), so said I’d blog about the process of getting original art.


About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego. He attended UCLA as an undergraduate, studying fine arts, with a particular emphasis on life drawing. Kevin later earned a law degree and practiced law in San Diego, but continued drawing and painting. Kevin’s portfolio includes a broad range of subjects from both the public and private sectors, including corporate leaders, political figures, athletes, entertainers, organization founders, friends and family.
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