Recent International Portrait Competition

On a whim, I recently entered one of my private gallery portraits (Pensive Holly, shown below) into an international portrait competition in the United Kingdom.  To my surprise, I was awarded 2nd place.  Not bad for an aging, mostly self-taught dabbler.  The results as published in Picturedraw (United Kingdom) are set forth below.

Portrait competition from Picturedraw – send in your work for our competition
The winner of the February portrait competition goes to Bruno Pagliarulo from Italy.  Very well done.  Second place was awarded to Kevin Stevens, U.S.A.; Third Place to Matteo Pantano of Italy; Fourth Place to Jennifer Henley, U.S.A, and Fifth Place to Irene Spadacini of Italy.  Send in your portraits for our competition below to see if you will be the best portrait artist of 2011…..
Portrait competition 2nd place
2nd place
Kevin Stevens
USA Portrait competition 4th place
4th place
Jennifer Henley
Portrait competition winner
Winner and Congratulations to  

Bruno Pagliarulo Italy


Competition monthly winners 2011
Angelo Mottini … Italy
Bruno Pagliarulo… Italy
January winner
February winner
March winner
April winner
May winner
June winner
July winner
August winner
September winner
October winner
November winner
December winner


Portrait competition 3rd place
3rd place
Matteo Pantano

Portrait competition 5th place
5th place
Irene Spadacini
Enter the March Portrait Competition 2011 Please read below and on Judging the competition.
Send in your portraits by email in any medium (People and Animals only) No photo’s or digital enhancing, one portrait per person per month and no portraits that have previously been entered. Please indicate in your email Portrait competition your Full Name and the Country you are from. The winner and runners up will be displayed here on the 31st of March and will be shown here for the whole month. All monthly winners of the portrait Competition from January to December 2011 will go into the final at the end of the year and will be judged to find the Best Portrait Artist of 2011. The winner will receive the Picturedraw Engraved plaque and will have the winners portrait up on our website here for the whole year.



About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego. He attended UCLA as an undergraduate, studying fine arts, with a particular emphasis on life drawing. Kevin later earned a law degree and practiced law in San Diego, but continued drawing and painting. Kevin’s portfolio includes a broad range of subjects from both the public and private sectors, including corporate leaders, political figures, athletes, entertainers, organization founders, friends and family.
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