Recent Project – Susan Peters

I haven’t actually seen Susie Peters for, gosh, its probably been 20 years.  We were friends in high school and continue to have mutual friends (Hi,Victoria).  She has been and remains a successful and prominent TV news anchor woman and journalist in the mid-west.  Anyway, I had no reason to paint her except for possibly some nostalgic pull and desire to reconnect with my youth for a bit, and secondly, Susie has always an undeniable energy and sparkle which I wanted to try to translate to canvas.  I initially planned to paint her in more of a loose, sketchy fashion, due in part to the low quality and clarity of the photo I had to work from. But I ended up doing one of the more complete and formal portraits I’ve done in a while.  Its a bit of a risk but, what the hell.  Should you see it, I hope you like it, Susie.  For me, the process served to awaken many memories of a past generation, and of people and events deserving of reflection.


About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego. He attended UCLA as an undergraduate, studying fine arts, with a particular emphasis on life drawing. Kevin later earned a law degree and practiced law in San Diego, but continued drawing and painting. Kevin’s portfolio includes a broad range of subjects from both the public and private sectors, including corporate leaders, political figures, athletes, entertainers, organization founders, friends and family.
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